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Willis Goes Global

Hello, We’re Kersee and Kyle! We met almost ten years ago in San Diego, California. In 2017, Kyle was stationed in Okinawa, Japan and we had the privilege of living abroad for three years. During this time, we decided that we would prioritize traveling and adventures.

We purchased our first camera at the end of 2019 and Kyle immediately displayed a natural talent. During our short time in Okinawa, we fell in love with all aspects of traveling—Kersee loves trip planning and editing photos whereas Kyle enjoys being the one behind the lens. What started out as posting our travels became something deeper—a desire to encourage others to get out and explore this beautiful planet that we call home.

Now that Kyle is out of the military, we reside in the American Southwest. We enjoy frequent road trips and traveling abroad. Whether you are here to buy our prints, or are a brand that has the desire to work with us in the future, we welcome you.